Alcoholic hot chocolate recipes

As Christmas and New Year is fast approaching we'd like to celebrate a fantastic year with some recipes for alcoholic hot chocolates by some of our favourite stockists..

Orange Spiced Hot ChocolateThe Attic, York

Orange Spiced Hot Chocolate
by The Attic, York

Dark Haiti 75 per cent cocoa hot chocolate, made as per recipe, with 140ml milk
20ml Grand Marnier (added to the milk and the melted chocolate)
Steam together to 65 degrees
A squirt of Whipped cream *
Orange peel spiral and grated Haiti tablet to garnish

* For added indulgence, you can infuse the cream with dash of Grand Marnier and Angostura aromatic bitters

The Hot AlexanderTNQ Restaurant Manchester

The Hot Alexander
by TNQ Restaurant, Manchester

Ecuador hot chocolate, White Chocolate and Vanilla with Courvoisier & Fresh Nutmeg aka The Hot Alexander

3 tablets, made using the hot water then heated with milk method (2 white & 1 Ecuador). 25ml Courvoisier with grated nutmeg on top.
A hot take on a classic of white & dark chocolate liqueurs with brandy and nutmeg. The fresh nutmeg garnish adds a wonderful texture to the mouthfeel of the drink.

Other suggestions:
White Chocolate & Vanilla with Chambord & Kahlua
3 chocolate tablets melted with hot water then heated with milk. 37.5ml of Chambord, 12.5ml Kahlua.

The Kahlua is the key to this drink, it adds a very subtle but vital undertone to the drink. Without Kahlua the natural sweetness of the White Chocolate & Vanilla as well as the Chambord would be free to run wild!

70 per cent Ecuador with Goslings Black Seal Rum, Cointreau, Orange & Cinnamon
3 tablets, melted then heated with milk; whilst heating the milk add a small piece of orange peel and a small cinnamon stick. Then stir in 25ml Goslings and a dribble of Cointreau.
The Goslings is such a bold flavoursome rum and the orange peel really smooths the edges of this drink.

Kirsch Hot ChocktailGoogies Folkestone "Choctails"

Kirsch Hot Chocktail
by Googies Art Cafe, Folkestone

Darkest Madagascar hot chocolate
Shot of black cherry Kirsch
Serving suggestion:
Whipped Cream
Grated Madagascar chocolate
Garnish with a maraschino cherry

Other suggestions.. try with
Ameretto di Saronno, Kahlua, Rasberry, Coconut, Cointreau

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