Haiti Appeal

Please display in you coffee shop or venue to raise funds

Please help us with our fundraising appeal for Dame Marie in Haiti

All our Haiti cocoa beans - Dark 75 - come from the cooperative in that remote town on South West coast which was badly devastated by Hurricane Matthew on 4th October. It took the lives of over 900 people across the country and swept away houses, trees and possessions. We are supporting a local initiative so help can be handed out at source to rebuild homes and in particular we are supporting the only free school in the town.

To fundraise we would be grateful for cafes to publicise by means of the Poster / Strut Card shown here. It suggests a Voluntary donation of 50p - any feedback appreciated before we go to print. Can run for a special event such as week or we can get printed with 25p that can run long term for some extra support to the community. What do you think?

This is the local fundraising page: Linda is from York in England originally and now lives in Dame Marie and she runs the free school

The person who imports the cocoa beans into Europe has visited the area this week to evaluate the damage to the cocoa trees and what will be required for the coming seasons.

When we visited last year the farmers were very appreciative of our trade with them and the town itself so picturesque along the coast in what is fundamentally such a poor country. The place really made an impact on us and we would like to be involved in helping its farmers and people flourish again.

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