Full bodied hot chocolate, low in sugar.

210g retail bag
1kg foodservice

Madagascan cocoa is mostly grown in the Sambirano region in family owned farms that many have been looking after generations.

Despite the high cocoa content of 82 per cent the high quality trinitario beans lead to a finished drink that isn't bitter and has a great flavour.

Compared to a typical hot chocolate this has a low sugar content.

Awarded Great Taste Award 2013

2013 - Great Taste Winner
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warming cosy hot chocolate

quote“I then tried the Madagascar 82% and after the Ecuador this was awesome. The red fruits were explosive – even more so than the Madagascar and the rich chocolate brownie flavour was absolutely perfect. It was still sweet enough to enjoy and yet the chocolate had an intensity of flavour that I can’t imagine you’ll find anywhere else.”quote
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