Venezuela is a light hot chocolate with 58 per cent cocoa, light and sweet with fruity notes.

210g retail bag
1kg foodservice

The Venezuelan cocoa we use for this hot chocolate are a mix of two varieties criollo and trinitario beans.

They are selected from three quite beautiful regions - Sucre, Sur de Lago & Barlovento.

Acadamy of Chocolate, Bronze Award winner

2013 - Acadamy of Chocolate Bronze Winner
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Crema Bridlington Smooth hot chocolate Venezuela

quoteI started with the 58% Venezuelan. This was a delightful chocolate with interesting slightly fruity notes that I really enjoyed. It was lovely and I have to admit it was really extremely typical of chocolate from this region. It still retained its distinctive flavour and yet was a hot chocolate - BLOW MY MIND! It has no added milk - it's just lighter and sweeter. I'd eat the chocolate on its own and I'd for sure buy this as a hot chocolate.quote

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