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Luxury catering hot chocolate for coffee shops

There’s something special about the Kokoa Collection. Maybe it’s the fact our chocolate comes in the form of tablets, ready to be melted into luxury hot chocolate your customers will love. Or maybe it’s our brightly coloured,  eye-catching jars, perfect to display on your counters. We think it’s a combination of everything, resulting in a smooth and flavoursome hot chocolate experience that will keep your customers coming back for more.

Our wholesale customers enjoy our range of quality products, personable support service and, of course, our award-winning hot chocolate. We supply a collection of hot chocolates in varying cocoa percentages, which can easily be prepared by busy baristas using our real chocolate tablets.

Luxury single origin hot chocolate - Kokoa Collection

Sample Kit

Want to try our hot chocolate varieties to choose which to offer your customers? No problem order a Sample Kit and you’ll receive six portion tablets (two servings) of all seven of our hot chocolate origins.

Café Starter Pack

The Start pack has everything you need to serve Kokoa Collection – add the hot chocolate separately.

Typically a coffee shop will serve four varieties: White, Venezuela, Ecuador or Peru 70% and one of the Dark varieties 75%, 82%, 100%

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    “In a blind tasting 8/8 participants chose Kokoa Collection as their favourite hot chocolate to drink, which is just phenomenal.”

    Nicolas Pastellopoulos

    Saint Espresso Head of Coffee & Training

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    The cooperatives we work with are involved in schemes that support the farmers.  For example, in São Tomé it offers the farmers a fair and stable market price, guaranteed to be locally competitive. The company works to ensure that even the most isolated communities are reached in order to sell their cocoa.  They always respect purchasing agreements and the farmers need not fear being left with unsold cocoa at the end of the day.

    In Dominican Republic, they empower women and youths, have environmental initiatives to reduce climate change, educate farmers on their finances, run health projects and local community improvements.