Milk Frother


Automatic milk frother for making hot chocolate and luxury milk for cappuccinos, mochas, matcha

Can make delicious hot chocolate with regular milk or plant based alternatives

Compact frother so doesn’t take up much space and easy to clean (not in dishwasher) which makes a good serving size

Suitable for our solid chocolate portion tablets, just leave it to melt as the milk heats and the frother does the rest – plus also the grated chocolate flakes and powders

Has a cold setting for frappes

Manufactured by Progress

Price includes VAT

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The cooperatives we work with are involved in schemes that support the farmers.  For example, in São Tomé it offers the farmers a fair and stable market price, guaranteed to be locally competitive. The company works to ensure that even the most isolated communities are reached in order to sell their cocoa.  They always respect purchasing agreements and the farmers need not fear being left with unsold cocoa at the end of the day.

In Dominican Republic, they empower women and youths, have environmental initiatives to reduce climate change, educate farmers on their finances, run health projects and local community improvements.